Tekakwitha Conference
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Prayer in the Six Directions

Call to Prayer: Sign of the Cross

Hymn of your choice (optional)

Scripture: Isaiah 30: 19-21 (or one of your choice)

(You are invited to face in each of the directions as you pray) optional


We greet you, Spirit of the East.
You come to us with the power of the rising sun.
You give the gift of new life to Saint Kateri Tekakwitha and to us.
Awaken in us with each day, new hopes, new dreams;
Fill our bodies with your breath;
Be our light as we walk on the path of Mother Earth..


We greet you, Spirit of the South. 
You bring winds of summer and breathe on us 
The warmth of the sun to soothe and heal our 
body, mind and spirit. 
As you, Spirit of the South, give all the Earth 
your refreshing winds; enfold us like your 
gentle breezes, as you did with Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, 
So that we may daily grow closer to you.


We greet you, Spirit of the West. 
You refresh us and bring laughter to our hearts. 
As you brought joy to Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, 
Guide our steps and keep us from evil. 
It is by your power that the sun goes down, 
Give us a great sky for setting. 
Fill us with your peace that we may rest 
until morning calls us forth again to give you praise and thanksgiving.


We greet you Spirit of the North. 
You are the cold wind that blows 
across our land and brings the snows of winter. 
It is your spirit who covers the earth for sleep. 
Spirit of the North, teach us courage, patience and endurance as you did in the life of 
Saint Kateri Tekakwitha. 
In the solitude and darkness of winter like the sleeping earth, we wait within ourselves 
in prayer and fasting for a new life in Christ.


We greet you, Giver of all Life 
We pray to you from the earth. 
Help us to remember that we are small and need you. 
Help us to be thankful as Saint Kateri Tekakwitha for the gift of the earth. 
May we walk gently and softly on this land of the First Peoples. 
Bless us with the eyes to love all that comes from Mother Earth.


We greet you Spirit of the Heavens. 
Lift us up to you. 
May our hearts worship you and come to you in glory. 
Help us through Saint Kateri Tekakwitha to remember that you are our Creator God. 
Let all that is in the Earth lift our minds, our hearts, and our lives to you, 
so that we may come to you always in truth with a good mind and clean heart.

Leader: God our Creator, we ask that we have the wisdom and patience to listen to one 
another and to learn the many ways you call us to live life. Amen.