Tekakwitha Conference
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Prayer in the Four Directions

Call to Prayer: In the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

Reading: Ephesians 2: 19-22 (You are invited to face in each of the 4 directions as you pray) 

Great Spirit, Come to us with the power of the North. 
Make us courageous to walk the sacred path with Saint Kateri Tekakwitha. 
Give us strength and endurance to do all that we are called to do during our life, 
especially in times of trials and adversity.

Spirit of Light, Come to us out of the East, the place of new beginnings and promise. 
With the power of the Rising Sun announcing a new day, you give us hope. 
Let there be joy in our words just as you gave the spiritual gift of new life to Saint Kateri through the waters of baptism.

Great Spirit, Send us the warmth and soothing winds of your healing medicines from the South. 
You are the gentle rain that brings forth the seed of life. 
Enable us to hear prophetic voices around us 
as Saint Kateri Tekakwitha shared God’s love, compassion and healing power among her people.

Spirit of Life, We face you in the direction of the West. 
Help us to be bearers of your Word. 
May we be voices of life and hope to all peoples, nations, races and beliefs, 
as exemplified in the life of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha. 

Together: Pray the Lord’s Prayer

(If the environment permits, form a circle and join hands)

Share a sign of Christ’s Peace